Anderson WP, INC excellence providing quality in products for the Oil & Gas Industry, Natural Gas, Gas Processing. We are Production Equipment Manufacturer and National Board register. High  quality welding fabrication. We can design and build your custom project. Our  welding shop has state of the art welding machines, bands, hydrostatic  equipment, sub-arc welding machines, rollers, positioners and ASME qualified  welders. We can complete multiple task with out a lot of set up time. We have  Quality Control System and qualified welding procedures according to ASME and AWS.

Anderson WP, INC two Manifolds Complete
Anderson WP, INC Complete Packages Manifold.
35 FT W x 93'-6

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Engineering:   Anderson WP, INC has a unique blend of engineering talents that allows us to excel at both the simple and complex projects that involve design, control and fabrication. Our qualified engineers use the latest design tools including Code Compress Pressure Vessel Design software to fabricate Production Equipment that are designed to meet ASME Section VIII Division 1.

Our fabrication capabilities combined with our estimating and engineering expertise have allowed us to diversify our business. We have the Compression Packages fabrication expertise, experience and facilities to tackle your most demanding Production Equipment fabrication requirements. Custom Fabrication including but not limited to; Refrigerant Accumulator, Test Separator, Slug Catcher, Filter Separator, Fuel Gas Skids, Three Phase Separators, Discharge Bottles, Suction Bottles, Gas Scrubber.

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Quality Control System: 

QA/QC Manual, HSSE Manual, Welding Procedures, Hydrostatic Testing Procedures, Training Procedures.


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